Your Guide to the Best TV Sports Packages in Ireland

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Best TV Sports package

WeCompare the Best TV Sports Packages in Ireland

The pandemic’s impact on sports has been huge. The Olympics have been postponed for the first time since World War II, and we’ve suffered massive delays across all major league sports around the world. Feeling caged-in itself is hard to manage, but not having game time to look forward to is gut-wrenching. Fortunately, our prayers have been answered, and most leagues are back up and running.

Picture this, popcorn popped, ice-cold beverage, and you are cheering on your favorite NHL hockey team. Greenway’s making his breakaway and shoots, and…. your game freezes up! Did he make the shot? You missed it because your link started buffering. Was it the broadband, or the link you were using to stream? We all know that there is nothing worse than missing out on the game-making goal. Maybe it’s time to sign up for a sports package that packs a punch!

Spoil yourself with a little sports rehab. Whether you have already signed up for a TV plan and want to add a sports package or switch to a new one, look no further. We’ve compared the best TV sports packages in Ireland, so you’ll never miss a shot.

Which Irish Providers Offer a TV Sports Plan?

Thankfully, you won’t need to go far for a sports fix. WeCompare is here to save you time by breaking down the major players and will guide you to the Roy Keane of TV bundles.

Virgin Media

Virgin TV essentials include Virgin Sport, At the Races, Eurosport 1 and 2, Sky Sports News, and Sky Sports Mix.

Virgin Media premium add-ons include 8 Sky Sports channels starting from €32.00 per month for an endless selection of programming to feed your hunger for sports. After the first year, the price goes up to €40.00 per month. Not satisfied with Sky sports? You can choose from other premium add-ons like Manchester United TV, Racing UK, and ZEE TV starting from  €9.00 per month.

If you are looking for Virgin TV packages with Sky sports, look no further! We’ve compared the best broadband bundles from Sky. Select a plan with Sky sports, or choose it as an add-on! The choice is yours.

Vodafone TV

Vodafone is a provider that offers budget-friendly broadband and TV packages without spending extra on a landline. What’s more, you can choose from a selection of great Vodafone add-ons like Sky sports to complement your plan. New customers will pay just €20.00 per month for the first six months and €40.oo thereafter.

If you a BT fan, you can choose BT Sport and Premier Sports in HD for €20.00 per month for the first six months and €40.oo afterward. Or, if your love for fast cars outweighs your passion for contact sports, add Racing TV to your Vodafone bundle! Pay just €15.00 per month for the first six months, and then the price increases to €30.00 per month.

You can find a complete list of Vodafone TV’s channels here.

Sky TV Sports

If you are a Sky fan, you know nothing compares to their list of programming. Why not opt for their TV plan? It includes Sky Sports, Sky Atlantic, and Sky One. Access over 100 TV channels with over 40 catch-up channels, 8 Sky Sports channels, and over 500 boxsets to keep you entertained. Moreover, you will have access to the Sky Go App. It will allow you to stream live TV on your devices for €45.00 per month. The introductory price is for the first six months, and afterward, the price goes up to €65.00.

Sky TV Only Sports plan

Movie buffs can add 12 Sky Cinema channels to their Sky Sports TV plan, priced at €49.50 per month for the first six months and €74.00 per month afterward.

Which TV Sports Package is the Best?

Well, that all depends on who you ask and what your must-haves are. WeCompare the top broadband and TV providers, all of which offer quality sports programming. What’s more, you can purchase a Sky Sports add-on to complement any TV bundle.

The Cheapest TV-Only Sports Package

If you are looking for the cheapest TV-only sports plan, look no further. You can get a Sky Sports Pass with NowTV for €19.50 per month and €39.00 afterward. The best part of a NowTV plan is that you can cancel at any time!

Sky sports with Now TV

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