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Jul 22 . 4 m

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Top Tips To Make Your Smartphone Your Work BFF

It is an understatement to say that our work patterns have changed drastically since the first months of 2020. Almost overnight, we went from working in an office setting for 40 hours (or more) a week to suddenly working from home.

What ensued was an adjustment period like no other. Kitchen tables suddenly doubled as desks, living areas became conference rooms, and our backyards became our coffee break areas. So, while the change might have been sudden, the day-to-day task flow was kept going for the large majority of enterprises. As a result, many are now debating more flexible remote working patterns.

For many digital nomads or remote workers, settling in a café with a good latte at the start of the working day is standard procedure. Many establishments have a good WiFi connection that lets you do your digital or online tasks effectively and efficiently. However, your phone can also be a valuable tool in your remote working arsenal.  That’s why we’ve rounded up the top tips to making the most of your smartphone.

A Workforce On The Go?

Are we becoming a mobile workforce? The short answer is yes.

A recent survey indicated that more than 95% of Ireland’s workers are in favour of remote working after the pandemic. This is firmly in line with international trends. For instance, the number of digital nomads in the US alone has increased by 50% since 2019.

It also seems like working remotely is not solely restricted to younger demographic groups. Within this context, another survey indicated that an impressive 32% of digital nomads were baby boomers. Another 27% were millennials or gen Z and the largest portion (41%) were gen X.

Top Five Smartphone Tips

  • Connect to the cloud – Connecting all your devices to a remote platform means that you can access your work at any given moment. So, even when your laptop is switched off or is not within reach. So, if you need to send off something quickly or your laptop battery dies just when you need it the most; your phone can come to the rescue.
  • Instant Wifi hotspot – While WiFi spots are typically easy to find, you can also use your smartphone as an instant WiFi hot spot for your laptop. When you need to work and there is no WiFi within reach, a great connection on your phone can come in handy.
  • Consider a second phone – If the largest portion of your working hours is done remotely, then it might be a good idea to consider a second phone. This will enable you to keep your work tasks and your personal interactions separate. It also means that you always have battery power to keep you going.
  • Prep your phone for meetings – Conducting meetings on Skype, Teams, Zoom, or Slack has become the norm. Installing the top call and meeting apps on your phone means that you are instantly available for all your online meetings.
  • Keep your zen flowing – While this may not be a work-related tip in itself, your phone can also be your meditation buddy.  When you’re in the middle of a stressful workday and you need to decompress and refocus. Simply install a meditation app, put on your headphones, and hit the play button for immediate feel-good vibes.

In Summary…

Working away from the office (or from your living room for that matter) is set to become more common. Having the right setup makes the difference between a smooth remote experience and a frustrating working day. That’s why you need a high-performing mobile package.

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Zoe Theofilou