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Popular Irish Podcasts Making Waves

If there is something that the last year and a half have thought us, is that there is such as thing as too much screentime. Our living rooms and our TVs used to be a refuge after busy days at work or out doing errands.  However, suddenly our principal recreational space became our principal working space too and our screens went from being a form of entertainment to being the main form of entertainment.  Now that things are changing, we all seem to be branching out to other forms of media entertainment. Enter podcasts and more specifically, our very own popular Irish podcasts.

Homegrown Podcast Stats

From a relatively unknown mode of communication, the podcast unassumingly (and unsuspectedly) became one of the coolest kids on the block. Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular on a global scale.

Stuck in traffic? Doing the dishes? Number crunching? Threadmill time? A great podcast can be the perfect addition to those mundane tasks that seem to pepper our days. Or at least, this seems to be the consensus here in Ireland. Suffice to say that a Reuters report discovered that 37% of the Irish population listen to at least one podcast a month.  In 2021, there are more than 7.5 million podcast listens every month in Ireland.

Press Play: Popular Irish Podcasts

The Irish podcast scene has truly come in leaps and bounds and there is truly something for everyone. So, today we’re selecting a few of our Irish across different areas of interest:

  • Mothers of Invention – Bringing together a formidable trio composed of former president Mary Robinson, comedian Maeve Higgins and producer Thimali Kodikara as they explore feminist solutions to the threats of climate change with humour and wit.
  • The Blindboy Podcast – Quite possibly one of the most known homegrown options. This eclectic podcast will make sure you are equally entertained and informed as it ranges from short stories to comedy and interviews.
  • The Football Pod with Paddy and Andy – This is one for all Gaelic football fans out there. Every Wednesday, Andy Moran and Paddy Andrews give us an insider view of the football world.
  • The 2 Johnnies Podcast – Time for some light-hearted humour? Our favourite Irish comedy duo brings a smile to our face with their stories and innate sense of humour.
  • An Irishman Abroad – Last but definitely not least, Jarlath Regan’s weekly podcast brings together a broad range of Irish personalities as they delve into anything from health-related topics to politics.

In Summary…

Podcasts are slowly becoming great companions that keep us entertained and informed while we go through our day-to-day tasks. The variety of wonderful Irish podcasts that is available at the moment promises to turn many local options into firm favourites.  An ultrafast broadband and mobile deal means that you can keep up with your favourites, at home or on the go.

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Zoe Theofilou