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Disney plus new shows

The Happiest Place on Earth, Now at Home

Nothing conjures magic quite like the word Disney does. For many of us, Disney was an essential part of our childhood and something that is linked with many fond memories.  With the advent of Disney Plus that magic is now available at the touch of a button, right in our living rooms. The streaming platform truly offers something for all the family and the range of options available is incredible. So, in our blog today, we’re highlighting some of the most interesting new Disney Plus releases scheduled for this September.

Disney Plus Data

Similar to Netflix, Disney Plus is a subscription-based online streaming platform. However, Disney Plus is a much more recent addition. Disney Plus was launched in the USA, the Netherlands and, Canada in November 2019. The service was eventually launched in other countries, including Ireland, in 2020.

Through the platform, it’s possible to access all the classic Disney offerings that we all love and enjoy. However, as the plus in the name implies, there is much more to explore. Disney Plus also provides content from Pixar, Marvel and, National Geographic, amongst others.

So, how has the platform performed so far? It’s safe to say that Disney Plus is very popular. Suffice to say that the platform was able to reach its 60.5 million subscriber target in just eight rather than the planned 5-year period.  At the beginning of this July, the platform reached the impressive figure of 116 million subscribers.

Exciting Disney Plus Releases

  • Dug Days (1st September) – Remember the adorable dog from the movie Up? This series follows him on his funny and humorous adventures around the backyard.
  • Happier than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles (3rd September) – If you’re a Billie Eilish fan and enjoyed her latest album, then you’re going to love this performance from the stage of Hollywood Bowl.
  • The Truth Behind (8th September) – The second installment of the investigative series explores well-known conspiracy subjects ranging from Area 51 to Lochness.
  • Disney Junior Muppet Babies (8th September) – This is a great option for the little ones. Join Kermit & Co as they embark on amazing adventures at the nursery.
  • Petra: Secrets of the Ancient Builders (17th September) – Mystery surrounds this ancient desert city. Explore the wonders and the beauty that characterises Petra thanks to this National Geographic documentary.
  • Star Wars: Visions (Shorts) Season 1 (22nd September) – Star Wars meets anime in this new animated series. Whether you’re a Star Wars fan or a Japanese animation aficionado, we’re sure that you’ll enjoy this new interpretation of the sci-fi classic.

In Summary…

September promises to be a month full of exciting Disney Plus titles to watch. So, make sure that your broadband set-up is equipped to give you a great viewing experience.

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Zoe Theofilou