WeCompare Mobile Plans: The Best Sim-Only Deals in Ireland

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Best Sim-Only deals in Ireland

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The Best Sim-Only Deals in Ireland

Looking for the best SIM-only deals in Ireland? Look no further! We have scoured the internet to find you the best SIM-only plans from Ireland’s top providers. This way, you can sign up with your existing device and save money.

Have you been gifted a new handset? Did you get lucky with an awesome hand-me-down? We will get into why a SIM-only deal is perfect for anyone with a mobile looking for a budget-friendly monthly plan. WeCompare the best SIM-only plans in Ireland with unlimited data to ensure you never pay extra.

Irish SIM-only deals with Virgin Media

If you are feeling the squeeze after a budget-busting holiday season, why not save a little extra for the next six months with a Sim-Only deal from Virgin Media! We love Virgin Mobile’s SIM-only Loyalty plan. It comes with unlimited data, talk, and text for just €5.00*/month! After the first six months, your contract price bumps up to €25.00/month, bringing your first year total to €180.00. Keep in mind that the introductory price is only for the first six months. EU Roaming included! Take note, as Virgin’s fair usage policy applies to this plan.

*Virgin Media’s fair usage policy: 10k ROI and EU roaming minutes per month, 10k ROI and EU roaming texts per month, plus 80GB data per month of which 11.7GB can be used when Roaming in the EU.

Virgin Ireland's best sim-only introductory offer 5eur

If you aren’t mobile obsessed and are comfortable with limited data, Virgin Ireland also has a SIM-0nly plan with 5GB of data. You get 500 texts and 500 minutes which work in both Ireland and the EU. The price is evenly balanced at €15.00 per month and adds up to the same first-year cost of €180.00. Moreover, the price of this plan won’t increase after the first year. So, you can rest at ease!

Virgin Ireland best sim-only offer

The best part about Virgin Sim-Only deals in Ireland? You can keep the same mobile number when switching to both of these plans. Furthermore, if you feel more comfortable testing out the provider first, you can opt for a 30-day contract before committing to a full year.

Top SIM-only plans from eir

Are you on the hunt for a SIM-only deal with unlimited data? WeCompare the best eir SIM-only mobile plans to ensure that you never go over the limit.

eir’s SIM-only Mobile Connect plan is €14.99 per month and offers unlimited Irish calls, texts, and data with 30GB available to use within the EU. The total first-year cost is €179.88, but keep in mind that the price goes up after the first twelve months. As a bonus gift, eir offers a FREE eir sport Pack when you sign up for their mobile plan.

eir best SIM-only deal Ireland mobile connect

Do you want to stay connected to friends around the world? WeCompare recommends the eir Mobile Complete SIM-only deal. This plan is €19.99 per month and includes 200 international minutes and texts on top of the unlimited Irish bundle. The data allowance for this plan is unlimited, 50GB of which can be used within the EU.

eir best sim-only deal Ireland & International

Not convinced about eir’s SIM-only plans? You can request a commitment-free call back for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Irish SIM-Only Plans

What is a SIM-Only Deal?

A SIM-only plan gets you precisely what you need! Without adding in the cost of a new device, you are paying a low monthly fee for the talk, text, and data allowances. It is a great way to save since SIM-only plans are traditionally much cheaper than mobile contracts.

Is a SIM-only deal is better than a contract plan?

Generally, a contract agreement will lock you in with a provider for an extended period. Your monthly payments will include the cost of a handset. Which, if you opt for the latest iPhone, can be substantial. So, if you are happy with your handset, a sim-only plan is a great way to save big!

How does a SIM-only plan work?

It’s never been easier to select a plan that is specifically tailored to your needs. Unlimited data? No problem! Just choose a plan that works for you, and the mobile provider will issue a SIM-card that you can insert into your current device.

Can you keep your mobile number on a SIM-only plan?

In most cases, you can choose to keep your mobile number when switching to a SIM-only deal. Just switch out the SIM-card in your mobile to the one associated with your new plan.

What are the pros of a SIM-only plan?

The obvious answer here is that you won’t be tied into a pricey contract when you already own your handset. Switching to a SIM-only plan will help keep your monthly payments within your budget. Also, you won’t be locked-in to a 24-month plan. Some providers offer a rolling 30-day contract or you can sign up for 12 months. The choice is yours!

In the market for a new handset?

If you prefer to buy your handset outright, we are with you! Buying when you need, as opposed to upgrading when your contract is up, is smart. Besides, keeping your monthly payments low is priceless.

When it is time to buy, you can get a great smartphone, like this Xiaomi Redmi 9 equipped with an AI quad-camera. It costs around €120.00 on Amazon, which works out to about 10 euros a month!

It’s a great alternative to the iPhone 11, and at one-sixth of the cost, it’s worth investigating. If you want to find out more about how it compares to the iPhone 11 specifically, you can read more here.

Why switch with WeCompare?

Our main priority is to save you money! We are an independent comparison service and work hard to get the best prices for our customers. Whether you are after the best SIM-only deal in Ireland, superfast broadband, or a TV bundle, WeCompare them all!

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