WeCompare Family Broadband With Rory’s Stories

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WeCompare family broadband we Rory Stories

WeCompare Family Broadband With Rory’s Stories

Are your kids (or you-we don’t judge) obsessed with TikTok trends? Are gaming and streaming a big phenomenon in your house? Or maybe you are just trying to make a hard day’s pay working from home. Either way, you need good internet, right? The struggle is real. More people at home and more devices in use mean an increased lag in your internet speed, but it doesn’t have to!

WeCompare has made it our mission to save you money on your household bills. We know that you are working overtime, and don’t have time to devote to comparison shopping, so we’ve sourced all of the best options to one convenient place.

Our team of experts consists of everyday people just like you. Since the majority of us are now working from home, reliable broadband is more important than ever. Some of us are still trying to find a harmonious balance working from a full house, brimming with devices, noise, and people sharing the internet signal. The thing that connects us is the essential service that we work so hard to compare. Enduring broadband so you can connect more, watch more, play more, and laugh more.

Rory’s Stories

Take Rory O’Connor, for example. He is a family man who works from home and has two kids who stream content online. As such, he requires family-sized internet strength and doesn’t have time to waste waiting for his videos to upload.  He’s someone who has kept us laughing through an incredibly tough year, and WeCompare couldn’t be more excited to partner with Rory Stories on this video. Have a look at what remote working looks like in Rory’s house, with insufficient bandwidth for a clear Zoom call.

You aren’t familiar with Rory’s Stories, his book, or don’t already follow him on Twitter, you should! He’s helped keep things light with relatable stories and given us a laugh when we’ve never needed one more.

If you are like Rory and feel like you may want to upgrade to a faster broadband bundle, we’ve got you covered.

Broadband that can Support your Family’s Needs

Multiple devices connected to the same network require faster speeds. In other words, if you and your kids are all using your own devices for a different purpose online, be it a zoom call, gaming, streaming, or social media, you will likely experience slower internet speed. Your bandwidth isn’t infinite, which means you and your household will be battling for your share of the signal. As a result, each device receives a reduced portion of the bandwidth.

WeCompare recommends broadband speeds up to 500Mbps for larger families to ensure that there is enough bandwidth for multiple devices and no one’s speed will suffer. Furthermore, with some providers offering the 500Mbps packages for the same price as the 100Mbps, it helps with the decision-making!

Family Sized Broadband Plans

Vodafone’s 500 Fibre broadband plan comes in at the most affordable price of 30.00 per month for the first year, for a total of 360.00. Vodafone’s fibre broadband boasts unlimited Irish landline minutes, is perfect for families, and supports multi-device usage. This special offer is only available for sign-up online.

Pure Telecom’s 500Mb FTTH Fibre to the home plan offers free installation plus Irish landline minutes for €35.00 per month for the first year, for a total of €420. Their instant speed plan also comes with a free modem and unlimited monthly data.

Are you a vlogger or need a fast upload speed for large files or videos? Perhaps, you are working remotely and live in a household with people who love gaming on Twitch. Maybe your kids are following their lessons online. If so, a gigabit plan might be right for you.

1GB broadband and phone bundles start from €40.00 per month for Vodafone and Pure Telecom and offer blazing speed with unlimited data per month. Sky, eir, and Virgin Media also offer gigabit plans to ensure that your family has more than enough bandwidth.

Do you want to learn more about gigabit plans? Check out our blog on the fastest broadband plans in Ireland.


Comreg reported that Irish households used 44.6% more monthly data in 2020 than the year before. Together with the safety measures remaining in place, we don’t predict this will change. So, make sure your broadband is up to the task, with unlimited data and downloads.

Like Rory Stories, evaluating your broadband speed can also help you save money. Start by taking our free broadband speed test to see how your internet fares. Then, have a look at what offers are available in your area. We take the headache out of comparison shopping and bring all the great offers to one convenient place.

If you haven’t compared with WeCompare, why wait? It’s a free service!

Start now and see how much you can save.


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