The Most Popular Sitcoms of All Time

Nov 11 . 3 m

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The Best of the Best

Few of us can say that there isn’t a sitcom (or two) that have a special place in their heart. For many years, sitcoms have been a prevailing form of television entertainment that has kept audiences engaged with hilarious or heart-warming scenarios that very often strike a chord with our emotions. So, in honour of this beloved TV format, we’re looking at some of the most popular sitcoms of all time.

The Sitcom Story

Have you ever stopped for a minute to think where this genre came from? For the large majority of us, it seems like sitcoms have always been playing in the background of our lives. It turns out that the first sitcoms or situation comedies were produced for radio before making their way to TV screens in the mid-1940s. It is believed that the first TV sitcom was a BBC production entitled ‘Pinwright’s Progress’ and chronicled the adventures of a shop owner. There was no stopping the sitcom from there and across the Atlantic, the format quickly caught on. In 1951, the iconic ‘I Love Lucy’ became the first show to be filmed for a live audience, and as they say, the rest is history.

Popular Sitcoms

“I’ll be there for you when the rain starts to pour…”

We all know that line and what it means but which sitcoms are the most popular? Here’s a few that audiences can’t get enough of:

  • The Big Bang Theory – The show follows a group of scientists and academic prodigies as they make their way through day-to-day life. The show aired for over 10 years and reached an American audience of 17.44 million people during its final season.
  • Rick and Morty – Another one about scientists; the animated sci-fi series follows the genius scientist Rick and the adventures he goes on with his grandson Morty. The series happens to be IMDB’s most highly rated sitcom of all time.
  • Mr Bean – A childhood favourite for many of us, the appeal of the socially awkward character has become an endearing icon that can make even the simplest situations humorous.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Another firm favourite that’s all about the antics of an NYPD precinct led by a serious captain.
  • Father Ted – Most probably our favourite home-grown sitcom. We all loved watching the antics of Father Ted & co as they gave brilliantly humorous moments that are Irish as they are universally funny.
  • Friends – Last but by no means least, the most popular sitcom of all time. The reunion might have created mixed opinions but the 10 seasons of pure comic gold leave no doubt in our minds. This is definitely the one with the most popularity.

In Summary

Our fondness for sitcoms is here to stay. Other entertainment concepts may come along and capture our attention but the tried and tested classic is definitely not going anywhere.

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