Ten Ways to Improve Your Broadband Speed

Dec 16 . 6 m

Optimise the position of your router

How to Maximize the Performance of Your Broadband Connection

We’ve all found ourselves banging our heads against the wall when the internet speed is testing our patience. Some of us turn on our mobile data when we can’t bear waiting another minute for a screen to load! Sound like you? Not to worry! We get it, and this article is dedicated to making your internet plan work for you. We will provide you with ten great tips to improve your broadband speed at home.

A strong and fast broadband plan is an essential part of everyday life. With more and more of us working from home, using our mobiles for Wi-Fi calls, and streaming services replacing traditional TV plans, the demands on our internet plans are huge. So, let’s start strengthening our signal!

Unsure of Your Broadband Speed, but Doubting its Efficiency?

Start by taking our broadband speed test, and we will give you a breakdown of what you can do with your plan. WeCompare recommends testing your internet speed a few times a day to ensure that you are getting an accurate reading. Then, try out some of our tips below, and maximise the performance of your broadband plan!

Ten Ways to Improve your Broadband Speed

1. Reboot Your Router

If you are having issues with your Wi-Fi or are struggling with slow speeds, the first thing that you should do is reboot your router. Just like you would reboot your PC when encountering an issue, restarting your router a few times a year will help clear up any interference. It will reset the settings, clear the memory, and remove any unwanted devices from your network.

2. Change the Position of the Router

Something as simple as repositioning your router can improve your broadband connection dramatically. It is best to place it away from any concrete walls and ensure that it isn’t blocked by any large furniture. Remember to keep it off the floor, and raise it onto a table or shelf in a central location. The router designs have come along way, so there is no need to have them hidden under a table anymore. By moving the router, you may also be able to extend the reach of its wireless transmission.

Router position


3. Keep the Router Away From Electronics

Avoid putting the router in the kitchen next to household appliances like microwaves, baby monitors, and cordless phones. All these common household electrical appliances send off radio waves that can interfere with your internet connection. Wireless devices like keyboards and printers can also cause interference, so switch them off when they’re not in use! You will not only save energy but avoid any possible Wi-Fi issues.

4. Adjust the Antennas

If your router has antennas, make sure that they are being used efficiently and positioned straight up. You can also try and raise one and place one straight if your home has more than one floor.

5. When in Doubt, Plug it in!

Try and plug in your device with an ethernet cable. This will limit your positioning within the house but will provide you a stable and strong connection. Especially during those peak hours when more devices are connected to the network. If you have lost yours, you can pick up an ethernet cable from Amazon for under 10 euros.

6. Upgrade Your Router

TP Link Router

If your router is 4-5 years old, there is a good chance that it’s outdated or may be affected by heat damage. By upgrading your router, you won’t need to switch providers, and can effectively improve your broadband speed and its Wi-Fi range. If you have been with the same provider for a few years, contact them and see if you qualify for a free upgrade. Otherwise, you may want to consider something stronger or use a Wi-Fi booster. We like the TP-Link Archer Dual Bank Gigabit Wireless cable router which you can find on Amazon for under 100 euros. It is easy to set up, supports parental controls, and has multiple antennas to ensure a strong and stable signal. Keep in mind that a state of the art router won’t improve the speed that your provider is supplying.

7. Scan for Viruses

According to Microsoft, one of the main culprits to a sluggish internet speed is spyware or viruses. They can slow your system down by interfering with your browser leading to poor broadband performance. Want to improve your broadband speed? Download a free basic anti-virus and run a scan, or get McAfee Total Protection Software from Amazon for a little over 10 euros.

8. Change Your WiFi password

A strong password will not only help secure your network but will prevent others from accessing your connection.

9. Add a WiFi Extender

Obtaining a strong signal throughout the house is a constant battle, and a WiFi booster is an affordable way to ensure that everyone in the house streams happily. A WiFi extender, or booster, will help you connect the dead zones in your home, can improve the broadband speed in multi-level homes, and even extend the signal into your backyard.

WiFi boosters are plentiful and the price varies quite a bit. We found success with a TP-Link Universal Broadband/Wi-Fi Extender from Amazon, complete with an ethernet port, that’s ready to plug-in. For a smaller home, it works well, and at a little more than 20 euros, it won’t break the bank.

If you live in a larger home, you may require more than one device to improve your broadband speed. There are many great home systems to choose from, but we love the TP-Link Deco Whole Home Mesh WiFi System, which comes in a pack of 3 on Amazon. It’s well priced, and you can spread the units to increase your signal strength. It works for up to 4000sqm and can connect up to 100 devices with a lag-free connection. It has top reviews, is simple to use, and parental controls will allow you to rest easy while the children are online.

10. Save Your Backups till Bedtime

Since systems have a habit of backing up at the most inopportune times, schedule them to happen in the evenings. This is another great way to improve your broadband speed. Remember, the time it takes to back up data to the cloud or update an app will depend on your broadband plan. So, to ensure that your broadband speeds aren’t hampered during the day, pause your OneDrive and anything else that may trigger backups during the hours when you need your internet most.

When All Else Fails, Consider an Upgrade

Once you have tried all the above tips and are still struggling with your broadband speed, it is time to revisit your plan. Don’t worry, WeCompare is here to help! You can browse the best broadband-only deals or broadband bundles easily with us. Consider us your comparison best friend. WeCompare so you can save more! Why wait?


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