The best Rural Wifi packages in Ireland

All of Rural Wi-Fi’s broadband & low-cost phone plans are available right here, at WeCompare. You can count on high-speed internet across rural Ireland and unlimited downloads to make the switch that much sweeter!


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Rural Wi-Fi is the only broadband company in Ireland that guarantees connectivity no matter where you live. Is it a constant struggle to find reliable rural broadband coverage? Look no further! Rural Wi-Fi is an Irish business, and they understand what it means to live outside the city. They are unique and work outside the box to provide three different types of broadband solutions that guarantee you a strong signal. Check out our Rural Wi-Fi deals and choose a package to suit your needs!

Have you been on the hunt for a broadband-only deal?

Most of us are tired of paying for services that we don’t need. Finding the best Broadband deals in Ireland doesn’t mean that you have to buy a bundle. With Rural Wi-Fi, you can get a broadband-only deal. As a result, you won’t spend anything extra on a fixed landline. Moreover, customers can order pre-configured, easy to install routers, and add omnidirectional antennas developed to boost the speeds and signal strength.

Customers getting 1MB with a fixed-line can now hook up their smart TV and Xbox without any problems.

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