The best Pure Telecom packages in Ireland

WeCompare Pure Broadband & Phone bundles to save you money! Take advantage of broadband-only deals with unlimited downloads. Or, bundle up with Pure Telecom’s lightning-fast 1Gb broadband plan.


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Pure Broadband is a flexible, affordable, and dependable provider which has been providing home phone and broadband services since 2002. Conveniently, this provider allows you to ‘unbundle’ phone and broadband services. This means that you can save money by simply choosing the services you need!

Does Pure Telecom Offer Broadband Without a Landline?

Yes! If you are on the hunt for a broadband-only deal in Ireland, look no further. Pure Telecom’s broadband-only deals start from *€35.00 per month, and offer speeds up to 1GB.

What are the Contract Terms with Pure Telecom?

Depending on the bundle that you choose, the contract can be for 12 to 18 months. Since introductory offers last between 6 to 12 months, we recommend that you look at the first-year total before making your decision.

What is Pure Telecom’s Cheapest Broadband Deal?

For those who appreciate the convenience of a landline, Pure Telecom’s bundles start from €24.00* per month. However, when looking at the annual total, their cheapest broadband deal is the bill-save plan. It includes broadband with speeds up to 100Mbps and unlimited Irish landline minutes for €35.00 per month. The first year’s total for the bill save plan is €420.00.

How Fast is Pure Broadband?

Thanks to SIRO, Pure Telecom has recently introduced some new and even faster connections referred to as Lightening Fibre. If you are in a Pure Telecom coverage area, you can experience premium download speeds of up to 1000Mbps! Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited data throughout your contract. You won’t have any streaming or downloading limitations, and with super-fast speeds, you’ll experience zero buffering!

Does Pure Telecom Broadband Offer Unlimited Data?

Pure broadband is unlimited, so you can use your connection for as many high-demand applications as you like. Moreover, Pure Telecom broadband ensures nationwide uncongested service, which means fewer people battling for bandwidth. It allows Pure Telecom broadband to deliver the fastest speeds available in your area and offer all customers unlimited usage. Nonetheless, users are subject to a fair usage policy, and those who abuse the service may be subject to additional fees.

Why Switch to Pure Telecom Broadband?

If you need a fixed-line phone service, either with broadband or on its own, there are plenty of options from Pure Telecom. They offer three tiers of speed, so you can choose the one that suits your household’s needs.

Another great reason to switch to Pure Telecom is that there are no hidden fees when you change over. Pure Broadband will supply you with a free modem and provides free installation. Plus, Pure Telecom’s reviews are great!

Pure Telecom broadband and all of the latest low-cost home phone plans are available right here at WeCompare. So check if you are in a Pure coverage area and start saving!