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Imagine offers super-fast internet speeds all over Ireland, focusing on connecting those hard to reach rural areas. With low latency streaming, it’s great for gamers. Plus, they top off their bundles with unlimited downloads!


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As an Irish-owned company, Imagine cares about the needs of rural Ireland. Do you live in the country? Are you frustrated with your service? Imagine broadband understands! There are over half a million homes in the country without access to reliable internet. So, Imagine has made it a priority to connect as many people as quickly as possible.

Their fixed wireless service is bringing high-speed broadband to rural towns and villages across the country. Furthermore, Imagine is upgrading its existing sites. They are working to set up a long-term broadband solution for everyone.

If finding the best broadband speed in rural Ireland is important to you, check out Imagine broadband.

What are Imagine’s Upload and Download Speeds?

Imagine broadband customers can expect download speeds up to 150Mbps, and upload speeds up to 10Mbps.

Are you already a customer? If so, you can take our Imagine broadband speed test here.

Are Imagine Broadband Plans Unlimited?

Yes! Imagine plans offer unlimited data. Like many other Irish broadband providers, Imagine customers are subject to a fair usage policy. These policies are standard in Ireland and are put in place to ensure that no one abuses the service.

Imagine’s data cap is 1 TB, or one terabyte, and equates to approximately 400 hours of HD streaming per month. That’s 13 hours of TV per day! You can rest assured that this is a near-impossible number to reach.

Does Imagine Broadband Offer a Broadband-Only Plan?

Unfortunately, you cannot get a broadband-only plan from Imagine. The VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service is integrated into their equipment. Therefore, when you plug your home phone into the back of the router, your phone calls are transformed into internet data.

What Type of Calls can I Make with Their Broadband and Phone Bundle?

If you choose to sign up with Imagine broadband, your plan will include calls to national and UK landlines, as well as 60 minutes of Irish mobile calls.

Can I Retain my Phone Number with Imagine?

Definitely! Be sure to provide the agent your universal account number (UAN) number from your previous broadband provider and your desire to keep the existing number.

Are There any Fees Associated with Switching Broadband to Imagine?

If you decide to switch to Imagine, then be prepared to pay an installation fee of €150.00.

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