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As an Irish owned company, Imagine cares about the needs of rural Ireland. Do you live in the country? Are you frustrated with your service? Imagine understands! There are over half a million homes in the country without access to reliable broadband. So, Imagine has made it their number one priority to connect as many people as quickly as possible.

Their fixed wireless service is bringing high-speed broadband to rural towns and villages across the country. Imagine is upgrading their existing sites, and working to set up a long term broadband solution for everyone.

Will I be limited in how much I can download?

No! Nobody wants to be watching their usage when using their computers. Along with Virgin Media, Imagine customers have the highest average broadband usage in Ireland. Why? Because Imagine customers can’t get enough of their unlimited downloads! They can continue downloading what they want – when they want. In other words, without restrictions! Moreover, you can find a plan that includes local calls to national and UK landlines.

WeCompare put together a list of the best Imagine broadband deals and phone bundles where you can save more. Simply key in your location and find the package that’s right for you. So get comparing and start saving!

How do I order Imagine?

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3. A representative will confirm you are in a service area for your chosen plan and process your order.

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Keep in mind that it’s better to sign up online and wait for a call back to qualify for any online discounts.