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WeCompare eir broadband, TV, phone & mobile packages to save you money! They’re the largest quad-play operator in Ireland, and eir’s extreme fibre broadband plan boasts speeds up to 1Gb. It’s the fastest residential broadband service in Ireland!!!


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eir has come a long way since it re-branded from Eircom broadband. They’re the largest quad-play operator in Ireland and provide a full portfolio of fast broadband, mobile, phone, and television services to home and business users.

If finding the best broadband speed in Ireland is important to you, check out eir broadband. Are you already with eir? Take an eir speed test with our broadband speed test.

eir Extreme is a 1,000Mbps fibre home service that can deliver connection speeds that are up to 10 times faster than the standard fibre. eir Extreme is available to a growing number of homes, and it holds the honour of being the fastest residential broadband service in Ireland. No more buffering or waiting for films to download! Want to see that kind of eir bundles are available? WeCompare has sourced the best eir bundles, and they are all right here!

eir’s passion for broadband speed is just as apparent when it comes to mobile data.

With 4G coverage included across eir’s range of mobile phone plans at no extra cost, they can also tailor a personalised bundle just for you. You can include unlimited calls, texts, and up to 15GB of 4G data a month. Whether you like to talk, text, or tweet, you’ll be well cared for with eir mobile.

Fancy an upgrade? All of the latest and greatest devices are available! From Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, and Apple, choose your favorite when you sign up, or upgrade your plan with eir mobile broadband. So choose your device and mobile bundle and you’ll be the envy of all your friends!

Do you prefer to settle down at home and make time to call friends and family? There’s still a place for a fixed-line home phone with eir.

As reliable as mobile technology has become, there’s nothing like the security that a home phone line provides. There are numerous eir broadband deals available that include a landline, so have a look! You can choose a phone plan that offers off-peak calls, unlimited UK calls, unlimited calls to mobile phones, and unlimited international calling.

There are great triple play value deals available that will combine eir broadband, phone and TV so have a look today!

Film and TV buffs will be over the moon with the range of eir broadband, phone and TV deals. With a standard channel line-up including all the BBC, RTE, Channel 4, and TV3 channels, you’ll be spoiled for choice on a Friday night. What’s more, your family will thank you once they’ve explored what’s available from the Disney Channels, Nickelodeon, Setanta Ireland, Animal Planet, Dave, Gold, and Comedy Central.

Phew! Is it the weekend yet?

If that hasn’t whet your appetite, you can top-up your viewing with a raft of add-ons. There are niche sports and movie packs from Sky and BT that you can add on to your eir tv and broadband package at the time of ordering.

All these great eir broadband features and packages are available through WeCompare at the lowest prices on the market.

Simply enter your location and let us do the work! You’ll find some cracking deals on eir broadband, TV, mobile, and home line services – from the cheapest economy options to premium services complete with all the bells and whistles!