Switching Your Provider: WeCompare So you Don’t have to

Mar 25 . 3 m


Switching Your Provider: WeCompare So you Don’t have to

Thinking of switching providers? You have come to the right place. WeCompare previously known as CompareBroadband are experts in all things digital. From mobile, TV, broadband, energy, or gas we compare so you don’t have to.

We are completely independent and impartial, so we make sure that you get the best broadband deal that matches what you’re looking for. It’s easy! Just select your county and nearest town and we show you what’s available in your area.


Our Ethos

We are an online comparison site with the customer at the core. We understand that customers are looking for smarter ways to use their money. To that end, we strive to provide the best possible experience by helping you make better decisions and to avoid overpaying on your essential household bills.


Our People

WeCompare is nothing without the engine that drives it – our team of experts. We are committed to delivering a quality experience and they settle for nothing less than first class. Whether you are visiting our site to browse and compare packages or require extra help from our customer support team they are on hand to help with any query, in fact, they love to hear from you.

At WeCompare we create value through diversity and inclusion. This is not something we just talk about, we live it. We pride ourselves on adopting a dynamic inclusive working environment. We believe that people from different backgrounds offer different attributes. It’s this attitude that allows us to bring the greatest value to both our business and our customers alike.


Switching Broadband Provider


Specialist Partnerships

We set up commercial agreements with renowned suppliers across our different product offerings. This allows us to provide you with a FREE quality service.

We make it our goal to only partner with the best. With this at the forefront, we can ensure that the switching process will be as pain-free as possible. Furthermore, it gives us negotiation power to rustle up hot exclusive deals that wouldn’t be given directly from the suppliers themselves.

WeCompare will do our utmost best to include as many suppliers as we possibly can so that you have more choice. Nevertheless, there may be circumstances when a supplier or offer cannot be displayed, for instance where a provider chooses not to.


Switching Providers with WeCompare

Thinking of switching providers why not switch comparison sites too. Our free online comparison and switching service will not only help you find cheap broadband deals but also enable you to create your personalized bundle. Combine packages and get broadband, phone, TV, and mobile from one provider.

Furthermore, if you are unhappy with your internet speeds or simply just wondering how fast your connection to the online world is. You can take our internet speed test, log your location, and see if there are any faster providers around your location.


What are you waiting for?

People use WeCompare because we can help you find the best prices on the market.  We show you all options from the small to the big providers covering all areas in Ireland. Remember, WeCompare so you don’t have to. Contact us today via our website or you can also stay in touch by leaving us a message over on Facebook.