Switching Broadband Providers: A Quick Overview

Jun 9 . 3 m


Switching Broadband Providers: A Quick Overview

In brief
  • What are the reasons behind switching broadband providers?
  • How to Switch
  • Tips for Making the Switch
  • WeCompare so you Don’t Have to

Tired of your broadband provider? Switching broadband providers is as easy as 1, 2, 3. WeCompare is here to guide you. We have put together a bunch of tips to help you get those lightning-fast speeds, downloads, and even those little something extras. Time to stop imagining, let’s make it happen!

Why Switch from your Current Broadband Provider?

There are several reasons you might choose to jump ship, including better value, service upgrade or you simply had enough of poor service and performance. Thankfully, we live in an era of choice. Consumers today have the upper hand with a broad range of offerings all at the click of a button.


How to Make the Switch

Before you dive in, check that your current contract is no longer within the minimum terms, or you could be landed with some hefty termination fees.

1. Compare, Compare, and Compare some more

Would you buy a house or car without shopping around? These may be larger purchases, but the concept is the same. Offerings that will affect your everyday living need proper care and consideration. Each provider offers customers something different, irrespective of your reason for switching.

When you want to switch, we advise that you use a price comparison tool – like this one right here. Our comparison service allows you to easily compare speeds and prices from Ireland’s most reliable providers. If that wasn’t enough, it’s free, 100% unbiased, and easy to use.

All you need do is, provide your address or Eircode and we will rustle up the best deals available within your area. This can be filtered down further from price and speed to broadband packages – whatever it is that best suits you.

Additionally, we provide a broadband speed test, allowing you to test how fast your connection to the online world is, to better help with your decision regarding your upgrade.

2. Pick the Deal that’s Right for You

Once you have had the opportunity to breakdown your results and you spot the package that best suits your needs and of course your budget, give it a click. This will direct you to the provider’s website where all you have to do is sign up. Alternatively, if you prefer that human touch, you can contact your provider via phone.

It’s also a good idea to do a background check on the provider your considering. Getting a complete lowdown will let you know what to expect.

3. Presto, You’re Done

Yes, you heard it us right, you’re done. It really is that simple. Now sit back and let your new provider do the work. This includes contacting your existing provider and informing them of the move. You’ll then be sent confirmation emails or letters, from both your new and existing broadband provider confirming the move. These communications will include relevant details such as transfer date and any unsettled charges.

If it is a case that your new provider cannot contact the existing one, then:

  • You need to ask your new provider when they can transfer you onto the new contract and book the date.
  • You will need to contact your old provider to confirm the cancellation on that date.

So, the choice is yours! You can start comparing with WeCompare and start saving today! Why wait?