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Take our broadband speed test, and see how your internet connection compares to those around you! Use the information to troubleshoot connectivity issues, or when evaluating an upgrade. WeCompare’s internet speed test will give you all the stats in 30 seconds flat!

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Are you curious about why your internet seems to be faster at certain times of the day – and lagging when you need it most? Your sluggish broadband speed could be the result of local internet congestion during peak hours. Or, it could also paint a picture of a larger issue that can only be solved by an upgrade to your broadband plan. Take our broadband speed test, and find out if you are getting what you pay for. Then, enter your new contract prepared!

So, how does an internet speed test work? Why do my speed test results differ? We will answer all of the most frequently asked questions about broadband speed tests right here.

Internet Speed Test Ireland

What is a Broadband Speed Test?

A broadband speed test will measure the internet speed at which data travels between your device and the test server.

How does a Broadband Speed Test Work?

First, your test results will yield your Ping time. The ping is calculated in milliseconds, or ms, and represents the time that it takes for a packet of data sent from your device to reach the server.

Next, a signal travels from the server to your device, measuring the download speed. Then, the signal is sent from your device back to the server, timing the upload speed. The broadband speed is measured in megabits per second or Mbps.

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How can I Perform an Internet Speed Test in Ireland?

You can test your broadband speed right here! Testing your speed with WeCompare requires you to allow your location. We ask for this information to select the test server closest to you and achieve an accurate result. You will not only benefit from a precise test result, but you will see what other speeds are available in your area. Find out if you are getting the fastest speed available for the best price. If not, compare yours with the latest deals in Ireland. We have them all in one convenient location, and switching takes less than 5 minutes!

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Why do my Broadband Speed Test Results Differ?

A few reasons can affect the results of your speed test. First, the results can vary between those performed while connected via ethernet cable to the router versus those completed over a wireless connection. Furthermore, speed test results can also differ if more than one person is active on the network. Speed tests also performed within minutes of each other may yield different results because of network congestion during peak times.

If you haven’t already checked your broadband speed, test it now, and see how it compares!

WeCompare Tip

If you are a gamer, keep an eye on your upload speed. Since we are so obsessed with downloading music and streaming our favorite shows, we tend to ignore the importance of a strong upload speed. A slow upload speed can cause a lag and affect things like your response time and game performance.

Now that you are armed with the stats on your upload, download, and ping speeds – start comparing broadband deals with us and see how we can save you money!