Navan Road – Dublin 7

Jun 8 . 1 m

Not everyone associates Dublin 7 with the tranquillity of the Royal Canal. Oh no, for some it means an unfortunate visit to the Four Courts – Ireland’s main court building located on Inns Quay. But let’s not focus on that – Dublin 7 is a lovely place to live, and a great place to access some of the best broadband in Ireland.

And the lucky residents of Dublin 7 have lots of choice when it comes to their internet connection type. ADSL and VDSL are available, alongside super-speedy cable and slightly less speedy wireless options.

Some of the key players in the area include:

The fastest of them all is Virgin Media, who can provide residents of Dublin 7 with speeds of up to 240Mbps.

All the cheapest broadband deals are available in the comparison table above, whether you’re looking for fibre to the cabinet or any other type of internet connection.


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