Kinsale – Cork

Jun 8 . 1 m

Kinsale is a popular holiday resort for Irish and overseas tourists. There’s lots to do in the area, including yachting, sea angling, and golf. Culture-vultures will be happy to visit the town’s art galleries and quaint narrow streets.

There’s nothing narrow about Kinsale’s web infrastructure though – it’s firmly in the ‘broad’band category! Residents in the area can access fast internet services via VDSL if they’re in an enabled part of the town. Even outside this area, the options are great – with wireless broadband, satellite broadband and ADSL widely available. The main internet service providers serving the town include:

Of all the available technologies, VDSL provides the fastest broadband speeds in Kinsale at up to 100Mbps. Low-cost options are available, so take a look at the comparison table above to find the cheapest broadband in Kinsale. Here you’ll find all the best deals and packages that has identified as being available in the town.


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