Kanturk – Cork

Jun 8 . 1 m

Kanturk translates as ‘Boars Head’ from the Irish Ceann Toirc, which also happens to be the emblem of the town. Residents will know that it’s a charming market town situated where the rivers Allow and Dallow flow together.

And the rivers aren’t the only thing flowing in Kanturk. Bits and bytes flow remarkably quickly in the town, thanks to a very 21st century fibre to the cabinet (VDSL) broadband network. Not all residents will be able to access VDSL, but everyone can get online using one of the local wireless internet service providers, satellite broadband or standard ADSL. These services are provided by:

Demanding users will find that the fastest broadband in Kanturk offers download speeds of up to 100Mbps.

Less demanding but thriftier residents will be pleased to find that the cheapest broadband in Kanturk is listed in the table at the top of the page. CompareBroadband.ie aims to bring you all the latest and most competitive broadband offers across the area, so take a look to see what’s best for you.


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