Donnybrook – Dublin 4

Jun 8 . 1 m

Dublin 4 eh? Now we won’t concentrate on the class stereotypes here, but there’s no doubt it’s a smart area of Dublin. So let’s talk broadband – and broadband in Dublin 4 is faster than a rugby flying across the RDS.

In Dublin 4 you have a wide choice of internet service providers, with technologies ranging from fibre and traditional DSL, through to wireless and super-speedy Virgin Media cable.

Some of the most well-known providers in this area of Dublin are as follows:

Unsurprisingly, Virgin Media trumps them all with broadband speeds of up to 240Mbps available in Dublin 4.

Even more unsurprisingly, all the best and cheapest deals are available here at, so take a look at the comparison table above and sign up today!


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