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Landline Deals in Ireland

We are in a digital age, no doubt about it. Even home security systems that once relied solely on landlines have come up with mobile solutions. Nevertheless, almost 50% of Irish households still find a landline essential. Whether you are of a certain age or have an aversion to technology, a home phone always provides a sense of security that is priceless. We’ll inform you on which providers in Ireland offer landline deals without having to commit to a broadband plan so you can make the right choice for your needs.

Plus, if you are anything like us, how will you be able to find your mobile without a landline to call it?!

Who are the Landline Phone Companies in Ireland?

There are a few telecom companies in Ireland, but many of them offer broadband and phone plans as a bundle. Can you get a landline service without a broadband plan? Yes! If you are looking for landline deals in Ireland, we will show you the best from Pure Telecom or an eir landline plan, with or without international minutes so you can stay connected.

The Cheapest Home Phone Plan in Ireland

If you are looking for an affordable home phone line with a provider that you can rely on, look no further. Pure Telecom’s home phone plan is the cheapest landline deal in Ireland. The contract is for 18 months and boasts unlimited Irish local and nationals calls, so you’ll never need to wait until a specified time to speak to your loved ones.

eir landline deal

Do you have family living abroad? For an extra five euros per month respectively, you can choose to add on unlimited landline calls to the UK, Australia, or North America, which groups USA and Canada. No need for those annoying international calling cards!

The introductory price is €23.00 for the first three months, then €29.00 per month afterward. So, your first-year total cost is €330.00. To take advantage of this online offer, visit Pure Telecom’s home phone plan with international add-ons, and click request a call-back to ensure that you are in a serviceable area.

eir Landline Packages

If you’ve heard of eir, then you are aware of their great reputation.  There are two notable eir home phone packages. First, there is the eir phone plan with off-peak Irish landline minutes. This plan is for unlimited off-peak local and national calls. It costs €39.99 per month, and the contract is renewed annually. The first-year cost for this plan is €479.88.

eir off peak landline offer infographic


We wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t point out that by opting for an eir landline and broadband bundle at €29.99 monthly for the first year, you would be saving ten euros monthly. The plan offers the same unlimited off-peak Irish landline minutes as the eir landline plan and boasts broadband speeds of up to 100Mbps. The first-year cost is almost one hundred euros less for a total of €389.87. If you are not in the habit of switching, you should know that after the first year, eir’s broadband and off-peak phone package goes up to €59.99 per month afterward, for an annual total of €719.88.

eir off peak info graphic


Still unsure?  Request a commitment-free call-back to find out more about eir landline services.

eir Landline with International Minutes

No one likes to monitor the amount of time spent on the phone, and when battling time zones, the last thing you want is to be limited to who you can call and when. So, for €49.98 per month, you will get unlimited calls to both Irish landlines and mobiles plus 400 international minutes. Sound good? Request a call back to take advantage of eir’s anytime landline offer.

eir international calls infographic



In most cases, when you compare landline deals in Ireland, it can work out to close to the same price when bundling your services. As a rule of thumb, we recommend you look at the first-year cost when making a decision. It is because some providers will woo you with introductory offers for the first few months of the contract. The annual charge may be comparable to another provider and can help you toward making your final decision.

So, if you need a landline, use a comparison site like WeCompare! You can save time and money by browsing the best deals in your area in one convenient location. Why wait?



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