WeCompare: Finding you the Best TV Deals in Ireland

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Ireland's Best TV Deals

WeCompare the Best TV deals from Ireland’s Top Providers

Are you on the hunt for a great TV package that will satisfy the needs of everyone in the family? One that won’t break the bank? WeCompare has found the greatest TV deals in Ireland. Choose one that’s contract-free, or bundle it to get the best deal on a TV and broadband package. Read on and compare the best ones right here, in one convenient location!

The Best TV Plans in Ireland

Can I Get a TV-Only Plan?

You sure can! WeCompare has sourced great options of TV-only plans in Ireland. You can count on television experts Sky and NowTV for an array of choices.

NowTV Packages

If you are not looking to bundle but are looking for a TV plan, look no further! We have an exciting array of contract-free options from NowTV, which offer a free trial period of 7 days, so it’s a win-win! With Now TV Ireland, you can watch TV across all your devices. Choose the programming that you want without the filler. Plans start from just 7.00/month for a kids bundle and 19.50*/month for a Sky Sports Pass!

Sky TV Offers

If you are a TV buff then Sky TV is for you. You get over 100 TV channels along with over 500 box sets to keep you hooked! Included in all Sky TV packages is access to Sky Q, which enables you to pause, rewind, and record live TV, so you never miss a beat. Moreover, their Sky Go App will allow you to stream live across all your devices. Sky’s basic TV plan includes Sky Atlantic and Sky One and starts from just 25.00* per month. Looking for all that, plus Netflix? WeCompare recommends Sky’s ultimate TV package, which includes Netflix for €30.00* per month.

Sky also offers TV plans with Sky Cinema or Sky Sports, or a combo of both! Chock-a-block with enough TV for even the pickiest families, you can’t go wrong. This TV bundle includes 8 Sky Sports channels, 12 Sky Cinema channels, 100 channels not found on Freeview, plus over 500 box sets!

Group and Save a Bundle!

Some of Ireland’s largest providers offer their TV plans bundled with broadband or broadband with a home line. It’s a great option to explore, as you can save by grouping your services. Also, simplifying your accounts by paying one monthly bill.

Broadband and TV deals

Vodafone Broadband and TV

Vodafone Ireland has some great options for a broadband and TV bundle. They offer three tiers of internet speeds designed to guarantee you the speed your household requires. Depending on your location, Vodafone offers free installation, unlimited downloads, and comes equipped with 80+ channels of quality TV programming.

Vodafone TV Channels

Vodafone TV includes all of the nation’s favorite networks. BBC, RTE, CNN, MTV, Discovery, Eurosport, eir Sport, and a sweet selection of kid’s programs on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. You can find a complete list of Vodafone’s TV channels here, including some HD options at no extra cost. What’s more, you can access premium Vodafone TV’s add-ons from Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, BT Sports, and Racing TV starting from an extra 12.00*/month. You can cancel these add-ons at any time.

The best part of Vodafone TV is that you will never miss out on must-see TV. Just rewind and restart live TV! Or, store your favorite shows and rewatch them later with their 7-day catch-up! Plus, watch TV on the go with Vodafone’s TV Anywhere App.

Triple-Play Offers

eir TV Bundles

While eir doesn’t offer TV and broadband packages, eir triple-play bundles offer great value for those looking for budget-friendly options. WeCompare recommends the eir TV deal with broadband speeds up to 100Mb*, unlimited off-peak minutes, and 50 TV channels. This eir TV bundle is €39.98*/month for the first year. The cherry on this bundle is the FREE eir Sport pack and FREE Amazon Prime Video. For an extra 10 euros a month, add a SIM-Only plan to the bundle.

Sky TV, Broadband and Phone deals

You can find great Sky TV, phone and broadband deals starting from €50.00* per month. It is worth a look because you can save big by bundling Sky’s services.

Virgin Media TV Bundles

Can’t get enough of Virgin Media’s stellar reputation for speed? Their TV bundles have something for everyone with different tiers of broadband speed. We recommend Virgin’s big bundle that offers 250Mb* broadband, unlimited local mobile and landline minutes, and 50 TV channels with Virgin Sport for €55.00* per month. This plan is ideal for multi-device streaming, and you can download a movie in less than a minute!

Switch with WeCompare and Save Money

Comparing Ireland’s best broadband and TV packages with us is a piece of cake. We do all the comparison shopping and sort the best deals to save you time and money. Switching has never been easier! Whether you are looking for TV-Only deals, broadband and TV deals, or the best TV, Broadband & Phone packages in Ireland, we’ve got them all right here.


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