A Family Affair: Finding the Best Broadband for Your Family

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Broadband for large families

The Best Broadband Deals for Your Household

There are countless broadband offers out there, and it can be an overwhelming task to go through the descriptions and find the right one for you. Not only that but, as a part of a large household, you will also have to take into account the number of connected devices in the home. Thankfully, WeCompare will help you narrow down the list of deals and help you find the best broadband plans for a large family.

How Big is Your Family?

First, let’s define the parameters of a large household. If you are a couple with one to two children who are of age to use the internet, then yours would constitute a large family. If you are renting a home with two or more students, then you would also require a faster broadband speed based on the number of devices connected to the internet.

Defining Your Family’s Usage Requirements

Broadband connections aren’t always consistent and depend a lot on the time you are using it. Also frustrating? To have your internet lag during a business call because your daughter is streaming music or your son is playing video games. So, let’s breakdown the three types of internet users:

  • Light users will use the internet for light browsing, to check emails, online banking, and some shopping.
  • Average users will use the connection regularly for social media, streaming music, and TV shows.
  • Heavy users will be streaming regularly, are working from home, are likely playing games online, and may use the internet instead of subscribing to a TV plan.

Here are some requirements to keep in mind:

  1. Netflix requires a download speed of 5Mbps for HD and 25Mbps for Ultra HD quality.
  2. Twitch for gaming online requires an upload speed of greater than 6Mbps.

Now take those numbers and multiply them by the number of users in the house. Thus, for a family of 4 active internet users, we would recommend a minimum connection of 100Mbps or more.  

Is Your House Jammed With all of the Latest Gadgets?

Multiple devices require more bandwidth. If you know that your family will be using smartphones, laptops, smart TVs, and gaming consoles simultaneously, then you should consider choosing a faster broadband plan for your family. Also important, that we meet our work requirements! Since lockdown, we work from home, and more often than not, we find ourselves battling for our household’s bandwidth. 

Do a Speed Test

Do you find yourself complaining about your connection? Then you should perform a broadband speed test. It’s ideal to try to test your internet speed a few times throughout the day to ensure an accurate reading. Once you know what you have, you can see if you are getting what you are paying for. More than that, you will be better prepared to assess what your family’s needs are if you choose to switch providers.

If you are looking to change providers, you have come to the right place. WeCompare is your comparison buddy, and you can count on us to help save you money! We scoured the internet for the best broadband deals for large families in Ireland, and you can find them all here for a hassle-free shopping experience. We have broken down an assortment of broadband deals based on the three types of users and have chosen to show mostly broadband & phone bundles since they have the greatest value.

Perfect Broadband Plans for Families with Light Usage Requirements

For a family of light users, WeCompare recommends eir’s fibre broadband and landline double play. You will get fibre powered speeds up to 100Mb, and unlimited off-peak Irish landline minutes for €29.99* per month for the first year. Not only that, but you will have access to a FREE eir Sport Pack and FREE Amazon Prime for the first 12 months of your contract. Want to add TV and mobile? eir’s quad-play bundle may be right for you at a budget-friendly €49.97* per month for the first year. Keep in mind that installation and the modem for these packages will cost you an extra €49.99.

Are you a TV fan and require international minutes? Why not bundle your broadband with a triple play offer? Sky’s Superfast broadband plan can get you up to 100Mb of fibre powered broadband, unlimited Irish landline minutes, International minutes, and 100 TV channels with Sky Cinema, Sky Atlantic, and Sky One for €82.50* per month for the first year.

Awesome Broadband Plans for Families with Medium Usage Requirements

Does your family require a little more than that? We understand! Another great offer to make your household happy is Pure Telecom’s FTTH instant speed plan. An unlimited broadband package with speeds up to 500Mb, and Irish landline minutes for €35.00* per month for the first year. You will receive a free modem and won’t pay anything extra for installation. 

Vodafone has a fresh deal with fibre broadband speeds up to 500Mb, built for a family with mid-range requirements. Their 45.00* per month plan includes unlimited Irish landline minutes and 80 TV channels guaranteed to make everyone in the family happy!

The Best Broadband Plans for Families with Heavy Requirements

Do you work from home? Or are you a household of five, with at least two teenagers? Well, we suggest that you go big! Virgin Media’s 1GB Fibre broadband package may be right for you. Up to 1GB internet speed where you can download movies in seconds. You will get unlimited Irish landline and mobile minutes and 400 International minutes to connect with those living abroad. Multiple devices can simultaneously stream in HD, and you get Virgin Media’s WiFree so you can connect to the internet at the home of another Virgin customer.

Does Your Family Live in Rural Ireland? 

If you are a typical modern family but live out in the country, then you may be limited in your options as a result of your location. For light users, you can check out Rural Wifi’s broadband-only offer with speeds up to 100Mb, unlimited data for €49.00 per month for the first year. If your family is using the internet more regularly, you can review Imagine’s Fixed Wireless Broadband plan. You will get up to 150Mb speeds with both UK and Irish landline minutes, plus local mobile minutes for €59.99 per month. There is an installation fee of €150.00 for both of these providers.

Large Families Don’t Have to Face Large Monthly Statements

It is easy to get caught up in the hype of marketing campaigns and think that upgrades are always necessary. It comes down to a family’s usage, and if your household is full of light users, you most likely don’t need a 1GB broadband plan. There are definitely ways that you can save on your monthly bills, the easiest being to switching providers when your contract is up. Why is that? Well, most providers will offer introductory prices, and once the term comes to an end, the price goes up. So, why not take advantage of the opportunity to see what’s out there?

Let us help show you how much you can save on your broadband. WeCompare has sourced the best broadband deals for large families and can help you get started. So, what are you waiting for?


Zoe Theofilou