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Oct 22 . 3 m

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Broadband Just Got Better

POV: It’s 2021 and having great internet is as important as having running hot water (almost). With many of us still spending a large portion of our time at home, having a broadband package that can fulfil all our needs is essential.

Doubtlessly, not all broadband is created equal. We have all experienced the frustration that slow internet can cause. Streaming music? Dubious. Video call with your teammates? Forget it. Netflix show? Don’t even think about it. This all becomes even more frustrating if multiple family members are trying to use broadband at the same time. Luckily, there are some great broadband packages that you can rely on to give you a smooth internet experience. But it doesn’t stop there! What if we also told you that there is broadband that helps you to save money?

Curious? Read on to learn more.

What Is eir Cashback?

As one of Ireland’s top telecommunications providers, eir certainly needs no introduction. eir Cashback is a great offer that will help to save money on your broadband!

Here’s the offer in a nutshell:
• Become an eir residential broadband customer;
• Sign up for an eligible package until the 30th November 2021;
• Benefit from a €50 bill credit in January 2022.

Top eir Broadband Packages

So, what are the top eir deals available?

Eir offers a broad range of packages that cater to different broadband requirements that Irish households may have.

For instance, if you’re looking for an option that doesn’t break the bank, we suggest the eir Fibre Broadband & Landline package which costs only €29.99 a month and offers you up to 100 Mb, unlimited off-peak Irish landline minutes and free Amazon Prime Video for 12 months.

If you’re looking for something more comprehensive, you can opt for the eir 150Mb Fibre Broadband, Landline & Mobile Connect – SIM Only. For only €39.98 you can benefit from broadband up to 150Mb, unlimited off-peak Irish landline minutes, unlimited mobile minutes, texts, and data.

If you’d like an option that takes care of all your telecommunication needs, then look no further than the eir TV + 1GB Broadband + Landline + Mobile Complete package. Enjoy up to 1GB Fibre Powered Broadband, unlimited off-peak Irish landline minutes, 50 channels plus unlimited Irish mobile and landline minutes, text, and data. Free Amazon Prime Video is also included for 12 months.

These are not the only available packages! There are many eir options that are guaranteed to meet your family’s needs.

In Summary

Ready to experience broadband as it should be? Then it’s time to check the best packages that also help you to save money. Click here to explore all Eir packages!


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