Broadband Speed Tests: Are They Accurate?

Dec 23 . 5 m

Broadband Speed Test

Testing your Broadband speed in Ireland

With the country running at full speed, any hiccup in our broadband connection will throw a wrench into our productivity. So, how can you test your broadband speed in Ireland? Stick around because we will break down all the frequently asked questions on speed tests. Moreover, we will explain how to run a test properly and how to decipher the results.

How to Run an Accurate Broadband Speed Test

The fact that you are here means that you are having connectivity issues that are affecting your day-to-day. Knowledge is power, and the best way to solving an internet problem is to troubleshoot your broadband. So, you have come to the right place!

Before running a broadband speed test in Ireland, there are a few steps that you should take to ensure an accurate reading of the speed coming to your home.

  • Close all programs that may be running, including any browser windows, streaming sites, and/or gaming apps.
  • Cancel all downloads, including those initiated by background programs.
  • Close any programs that require a constant internet connection, such as online radio or RSS feeds.
  • Turn off certain appliances like baby monitors, microwaves, and cordless phones as these can interfere with wireless connections.
  • Close any additional devices connected to the internet, apart from the one you’re testing.
  • Refrain from using the internet on any other devices while you are running the test.
  • For the best result, connect directly to your router with an ethernet cable versus testing with a Wi-Fi signal.

Once you have followed the instructions above, you are ready to take our free broadband speed test! The link will open a new window on our site where you can take the test, and then jump back here for some help to understand those results.

Breaking Down Your Broadband Speed Test Results

Upload vs Download speed

Upload vs. Download Speed: Understanding the difference

Your speed test results will include your upload speed, download speed, and ping rate.

Your upload speed represents the time it takes for the data to transfer from your device to the server. So, if you are uploading your latest holiday photos to your Facebook account, the upload speed will determine how long it takes to upload them to your profile. Upload speeds are also valuable for interactive applications, like video chatting on Skype or Messenger, and online gaming platforms like Twitch.

You will also receive the download speed, which by definition, is the time it takes for the data to be sent from the network to your device. For example, the download speed is responsible for the time it takes to load a webpage or news feed. Or, if you are ready to watch a film from Netflix, you will need a strong download speed for a lag-free streaming experience.

Latency: Ping Rate

Ping speed relates to network latency and is measured in milliseconds. Latency refers to the time that it takes for a signal to reach the network and back, similar to the trajectory of a boomerang. Contrary to those high speeds we expect from our uploads and downloads, the lower the ping rate, the better.

Broadband Speed Classifications

Having a consistent signal and fast broadband speed makes life much easier! Usually, right after reviewing prices, the next step would be to assess the internet speeds when looking for a new contract.

Speedtest result

Weak Broadband Speed

A decent speed of above 25Mbps will enable you to perform the basics online, such as browsing social media, emails, and internet banking.

Good Broadband Speed

Faster broadband speeds around 100Mbps will enable smoother streaming and will support more than one device.

Excellent Broadband Speed

Superfast internet speeds greater than 250+Mbps are great for larger families with multiple devices sharing the signal, streaming in high-definition, those working from home, gamers, and bloggers.

Are all Broadband Speed Tests Created Equal?

There are many sites to choose from that provide a similar service with varying degrees of results. Any of the points above could be a factor in why the results differ. For a thorough understanding of your network speed, we recommend performing a broadband speed test a few times throughout the day. This is because you are likely to experience a slower internet connection during peak times.

Can I Perform the Speed Test on my Mobile Device?

You sure can! To test your WI-Fi network’s speed on your mobile, access our speed test page from your device, and start the test!

Why do the Test Results Differ Between my Computer and my Mobile/Tablet?

If you take a few tests within minutes of each other, the results may vary. This could be a result of network congestion. Remember, the speed of the Wi-Fi network will always differ from those connected directly to the router. Also, our broadband speed test requires your location to select a server nearest you to measure the speeds and ping rate. If you are testing on another site and that chooses a different server, the results may also differ.

How can I Improve my Internet Speed?

There are a few ways that you can improve your broadband speed. Simple things such as repositioning your router can have a big impact, and we blogged all about it! Visit our article for 10 ways to improve your broadband speed and maximise your broadband’s efficiency.

Is Your Broadband Plan Fast Enough?

Now that you have a better understanding of your broadband speed and what you can achieve with it, it’s time to reflect on whether it’s enough to satisfy your household’s needs.

If your contract isn’t cutting it, then you may want to consider an upgrade. There are plenty of broadband providers offering high-speed solutions all over Ireland, and WeCompare will help you find the right one! All you have to do is enter the county where you live, and we will do the rest!

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