Black Friday Broadband Deals in Ireland: We have bundles!

Nov 19 . 3 m

Black Friday broadband

Broadband, TV, Talk time, Oh My!

Time to Grab a Slice of the Black Friday Broadband Pie.

Created to tap into the increased spending following American Thanksgiving, Black Friday focused on retail sales of electronics and big-ticket items. So, with the growing popularity of the sales event, Global retailers took notice. Now shoppers around the world can grab deals on things like smartphones, laptops, appliances, clothes, toys… and yes, even Black Friday broadband deals

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Bargain?

Let’s set the scene. In 2019, web sales on Black Friday surpassed in-store sales for the first time in history. Most people save for Black Friday months in advance and has proven to be one of the best times to shop and save big. 

With Black Friday sales breaking records every year, it makes sense that all types of businesses want to get in on the action.

Why shouldn’t they?! Consumers are getting smarter, and with comparison sites like ours, there’s no reason why anyone should be overpaying for their Irish broadband packages. In order to compete for your euro, the Telecoms industry has jumped into the mix with an amazing array of Black Friday broadband offers. The deals are so good, they are impossible not to consider! 

For example, if you are on the hunt for a triple play with all the Sports that you can imagine, Sky’s Black Friday broadband offer is the one for you. Starting from just €55.00, you can get three services for an incredible price. Furthermore, you can tell all your friends about it with your unlimited off-peak Irish landline minutes. Is Sky Cinema more your thing, but you still want Sky Sports? Then we’ve found you the perfect bundle to help you save this November, right here. For more info on Sky’s Black Friday broadband deals, click here and choose for yourself!

Bring on the Freebies!

Another perk for switching providers during Black Friday week is the free gifts! For example, Virgin Media’s Red Friday deals include a FREE Philips Bluetooth soundbar for their new customers. Pretty tempting, right? And their offers are just as sweet! So, if you are looking for a beast of a bundle complete with 1GB broadband, then Virgin Media has the best Red Friday broadband deal for you. Their triple play is a triple threat, coming in at 89.00. No need for extreme speed? Then take a look at their big bundle with 250Mb of broadband at €69.00. For more info on these, and other Red Friday deals from Virgin Media Ireland, click here

Vodafone Ireland is smashing Black Friday with a similar free gift, perfect for the holiday season. New Vodafone Home customers can claim a FREE Google Nest Audio smart speaker worth €99.00! Check out Vodafone’s Black Friday broadband, talk, and TV deals starting from just 45.00 and see how you can save!

*Offers end November 30th, 2020.

Compare with us and grab one of Ireland’s best Black Friday broadband deals or Virgin Media’s Red Friday deals today! 


Zoe Theofilou