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We are gamers, movie streamers, web surfers, and just like you, we want strong and reliable broadband at a great price. Moreover, with our experience in all things digital – mobile, TV, and broadband- we can help make your life easier. We are united in the desire to find the best deals that offer a great service at an affordable price. So, let us help you save money! WeCompare has taken the headache of comparison shopping off your hands and can guarantee that switching providers has never been easier.

We compare broadband deals, so you don’t have to.

WeCompare is a comparison and switching service that helps you gain access to the best Gas, Electricity, Broadband, Phone, and TV deals across Ireland. Thus, we will help you put together the perfect bundle that won’t break the bank all whilst improving your home setup.  Best of all, we will facilitate the switch to your new provider. As we are completely independent and impartial, we make sure that you find the best deal for you. It’s simple! Just select your county and the nearest town, and we will show you what’s available in your area. Get comparing now and switch online for maximum savings by signing up for the bundle of your choice. is now
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Compare broadband deals with WeCompare and switch to a fast and reliable package!

Do you wonder how fast your connection to the online world is? Maybe you just want to know if are any better deals around. Take our broadband speed test, and find out! Log your location now, and see how your service measures up against the competition. Then, compare what you pay with our offers and make the switch!

It’s a free service, so go ahead and see what’s out there!

We will show you all the options, from the smallest to the biggest providers covering all areas in Ireland. Combine packages and get broadband, phone, TV, and mobile from one provider. Or take your pick from broadband, phone, mobile, or TV only deals.

Find out how you can save with WeCompare and take advantage of special offers that make switching even more rewarding. So, go on, get comparing!

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